Hi all. My name is Aseem Kishore. I’m VP of Eng at Pomelo (learn more here), and I’ve been an engineering leader at multiple other startups before that.

On this blog, I write and share content on engineering leadership and management, particularly at early-stage startups.

Much of my content won’t be unique or novel. I’ll be standing on the shoulders of giants like Will Larson, Camille Fournier, Michael Loop, Charity Majors, and repeating what they’ve likely already said.

But that’s okay. Specific advice has helped me in tangible real-world ways, and I hope to relay that advice to help you, too. I’m also inspired by Waseem Daher and Aki Taha, who share powerful ideas elegantly. Their posts have helped me crystallize my thinking, and I hope mine similarly help you, too.

So let’s do this! Subscribe below to get these posts by email (the volume will be low — only one or two posts per month), and share this blog if you find it helpful.

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Engineering leadership lessons learned (particularly at early-stage startups) from a VP Eng and former founder. https://www.linkedin.com/in/aseemk


Engineering leader & entrepreneur. Currently VP Eng at <sharing soon!>.